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   M.A.M. COLLEGE NAUGACHIA came in existence on the pious day RATH-YATRA. The 23rd of June,1982. This BRAIN-CHILD of Late Madan Prasad Singh J(Ex-Minister, Bihar) and Late Dr. Ahilya Devi was founded after their names at the behest of the local citizens on account of their selfless service to the society at large, their undying zeal and invincible will-power to illumine the area with the light of Higher Education of the women and girls. In it’s comparatively very short life of existence, this college has attained a prime position in the state in the fields of women education up to Degree level imparts teaching of Hons. in 19 subjects of SCIENCE and ARTS. It has proved as a boon for the empowerment of the women and young girls of this perennially flood raided and ravished region, stretching to Katihar in the East, Khagaria in the West, Madhepura in the North and Bhagalpur in the South.

The College became a CONSTITUENT UNIT of T.M.BHAGALPUR on FEB 26,1988.







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